Wednesday, 20 June 2012

keria sira gula

Don't judge a book by its cover..this is the best quote to describe my kuih keria (ayat nak sedapkan hati sendirik walhal..hahaha) Even it's not looking good,the taste was not so bad..since my hubby love kuih muih so much, i "merajinkan diri" to make my first trial of keria..I never make any kuih before this (makan je reti) i decided to make an easy one an idea to do this via recipe in google..

keledek,tepung gandum,garam,gula,air

1. Kupas kulit dan rebus keledek sampai empuk.
2. Lenyek keledek dan tambah garam sedikit.Tunggu sehingga sejuk.
3. Masukkan tepung dan adun sehingga sebati.
4. Bentukkan adunan jd seperti gambar diatas.
5. Goreng dan toskan.
6. Masukkan gula dan sedikit air ke kuali yg bersih sehingga jadi likat.
7. Gaul2 kuih keria dalam gula tu....dan siap!

It's so easy (baby Hadif pun pandai wat agaknye..hahaha) and yes, while kuih keria in the making, my baby accompany me.. (siap dukung baby...mase goreng kuih tu sbb he already crying...upss,it's so dangerous la mama,jgn tiru aksi ni).. Pasni bole la try kuih lain lak..Just google jaaa! ^.^

Sunday, 10 June 2012

bored sunday

Just the two of is raining outside..suddenly mama got an idea!

 forced by mama
 ohhhh..i'm tired already
because of my effort, i can lie down as usual..big s.m.i.l.e..^______^

Sorry for bullying you baby!hehehe.

Saturday, 9 June 2012

i love MAM

taken from google image

Fell in love with MAM anti-colic feeding bottle..the main reason is prince finally want to bottled-feed..before this i had try using other bottle that I'm bought before deliver+given by friends and families..but he refuse to use it and only want bf..i know that i'm not working and some people said i can fully bf him rather than using a bottle..yes i still bf him but sometimes when we are going to anywhere,
it is easier for me to use a bottle..of course not with formula milk as i wish to bf him until 2 yrs old..

Back to my main topic,today i'm decided to try a new brand of bottle as suggested by my friend.I brought baby Hadif to one of baby shop in KK,Little Me Shop..I'm alone with him as my hubby is not around for the whole week.It's my first time brought him by myself..i'm put him at his car seat and he just seat there looking at me driving..and fall asleep..haha.

MAM soft silicone teats
I've 2 choices in my mind,tommee tippee and this super cool design MAM bottle.after ask the sales girl there,i'm decided to take MAM in blue colour as a first trial.Basically,it comes with 4 cute colours blue,lime green,pink,purple..Alhamdulillah he like it maybe because of the soft silicone teat..and today successfully bottled-fed him 3x..hoooooray!my next mission is to make EBM stock in the fridge for future uses.Good luck mama!

blue for boy!
10 storage milk for my EBM
see..seems he love it too!muacchhx..

Friday, 8 June 2012

new nuffnanger

yeahhhh..i am officially a new nuffnanger..i love to visit and reading others blog and wonder how they register their blog under nuffnang..after searching for some informative instruction,i'm successfully register my blog to nuffnang!pitty me *jakun kan??* i'm a beginner ok!clap for myself because of my one step ahead as a blogger! is the useful blog that i found that really good for those *jakun*  as me..

thanks a lot to the owner of that blog..

p/s:enjoy visiting and reading my posts after this that might be useful for you guys..sharing is caring!