Wednesday, 26 September 2012

baby food

at the beginning in introducing my baby with his first food,i bought for him heinz fruity apple..i gave him just in a small portion for him to taste it..

when he's exactly at 6months, i try this one in orange flavor because at that time we were at kampung for hari it's easy for me to bring anywhere..
after we came back home from kampung, i cook his food by myself..i believe it will be more healthy,delicious and the most important thing is i made it with full of lovesssssss for my baby kesayangan..after all,he loves homemade food than the instant one..
he really enjoying mama's homemade baby food..=)
thanks to papa's officemates for this present..we got a voucher actually and then we decided to buy this one, my jungle family high chair..
can be used for eating+playing+watching tv time!

sharing some recipes for baby food:

sweet potato+apple+banana

restoren kampung nelayan,bukit padang

sharing one of the lakeside floating restaurant here in kk..restoren kampung nelayan at bukit padang..many visitors will come here because it is known for its fresh seafood..they served variety of foods and beverages..while eating, we also can enjoy the cultural performance of sabah..don't miss to try the best dessert here which is the coconut pudding..since i like pudding, i really love the taste of the coconut pudding here..

mama with her baby kesayangan
gave him a biscuit so that he can eat while we having our dinner
one happy family
the menu is like can order as in the menu: peppercorn soft shell crabs, sabah vegetables fried with belacan, chilli squid
open air restaurent
fire dance (memang power siap keluar api dari mulut)
Chinese dance
us before going back the back tarian guna buluh..

p/s:thanks papa for treating us you!

Saturday, 22 September 2012

handbag craziness!

who wants to treat me a gorgeous handbag like that?puts your hands up!..puts your hands up!..upppss,no one ke?oh...sedih...sedih...sedihnya... eyeing on these handbags everyday..birthday lama lagi la pulak..kenapa la harga nya bukan rm10..kalau tak da boleh beli 10...hahaha..kena work back la camni..lets make it as my spirit to get a job back since i've not working for 1 year ++..go go mama rayhan hadif!aim for the best to get that handbag..hoho..

Friday, 7 September 2012

hari raya 2012

second raya as a wife and first as a mama..last year totally not good for me because i'm still at first fever during raya and feel like want to sleep all the time..but this year definitely very happy..celebrated it with my 6 months old baby,papa and beloved families..mama excited to collect "duit raya" for baby lorrrr..hihi.

our pictures together during  Hari Raya..

love baby love papa!


me,ika,lily,zaza&kema..we are the best 5!miss the old days together during degree at UTM..a lot of precious moments created there..will never forget that..actually me, ika, lily and zaza knew each other since form 4 at MRSM MUAR but start to close at and lily took the same course (chemical engineering) while the rest took polymer engineering. i really appreciate our friendship and will remain in my heart forever..

 let me tell you a little bit about them..

ZAZA:the most "tak kesah" friend..she's an easygoing girl and never take things personally..she's johorean from segamat..we went to GEMS together and being my roommate..really miss that moments zaza! =( after GEMS we work at MMHE,she's remains there as QA engineer but i quitted my job and now being a successful housewife..haha.

LILY:she's from bahau..korean look..kind hearted friend and also good listener..all the time with her at class during study time..a lot of secret things shared together..haha.

IKA:so funny and very talkative..eager to do something until it's done!never get bored when she's around..mix sabahan+singaporean but her hometown at rembau..QC engineer at Kenchana..going to get a baby next year same goes to lily..can't wait for that!

KEMA:looks like "serious" at the beginning of our friendship..but after know her i noticed that all her actions like cute little bear as she's the youngest in her family..hahaha. lecturer at UNIMAP and always told us that she's hate her job..haha. married to her dream husband a.k.a abang ijan..and we are waiting baby hadif's friend somewhere in november..good luck kema!

picnic together at Batu Layar, Desaru

during my 23rd birthday at McD Skudai

 at PD a day after ika&ck reception..ignore my slimmmmm body (pregnant at 7m ++)..haha

this is the latest lily&jazlan wedding reception..we were all in red and pink!

hopefully our friendship will remains until the end of our life..pray for every of my friend's happiness, success in career and life..successful here and Hereafter..aminnn..

i'm the first being a kema..ika..and lily!pray for zaza to get married by next year..aminn.. =)

LOVE uolssss..

[a friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you]

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

my dear hubby 25th birthday!

Do you know how much I love you? If you don't already, let me tell you that I love you more than anything else in the world and I'd give anything to be with you, now and forever.
Wishing you a very Happy Birthday dear hubby Mohd Norhafifi.. and Happy Eid Mubarak too..forgive all my wrongdoings and mistakes as your wife zahir&batin.. mmmmuacx!

yes you perfect hubby!
this is for you as a  advance surprise birthday present so that you can wear it for hari raya..haha..thanks for like it even it's just a pair of shoes..

With LOVE,
mama&hadif abam