Friday, 27 July 2012

27 July

it was yesterday hadif turns to 5months..and as usual brought him for monthly checkup+injection..

1. he's 7.3kg already..only drink milk (fully bf),if start introduce baby's food??xtau la bape kg naik doesn't matter as long as my hero sihat dan cergas!hihi.

 2. it's another progress about him..da pandai meniarap sendiri without helping him..exactly 5months he only can do that but mama really proud of it!hopefully you will crawl forward after this..=p

3. oh my hair!why are you so shy to grow?hahaha..since cukur at 7days je yang muncul?
pitty him..

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Iftar le Meridien

the day that mama waiting for...which is xyah masak tuk buka...pemalas kan?hahaha...this is the first time actually my hadif being introduced to papa's officemates...diorang suka pipi domox hadif...memg kena kiss je la jawapnya...hadif bertukar-tukar mama sepanjang hadif diam je...xkesah pun ngan sape2...good boy!

tembam bam bam!
with aunty mye mye..
jumpa aunty ella la kat kk..
baring kat surau teman mama sholat..=)

Sunday, 22 July 2012

hadif berbogel

hadif oh hadif..haha..nak dijadikan cerita..last week we went to 1Borneo to shop baju raya for him at when we reached there,we were going to sholat sholat first while papa look after him in the car..after we were finished, hadif just woke up and poo's ok because i brought extra diaper for him..unluckily, his romper also got extra shirt..terpaksa la bogelkan baby and cover him with the next time before going out, need to bring along extra shirt and diaper! macam tau2 je mama nak belikan baju baru..saja je baby ni kan.. ^___^

poo poo time!
rahsia...rahsia...saya seksi ni...

before & after kejadian!


Saturday, 14 July 2012


This year is the second time..mattafair in KK. It was held at Suria Sabah from 6-8 July 2012. Last year we were going back to JB so we can't be there. So we decided to go this time. When we arrived there, one of the travel agency Leisure Holiday approaching us. He explaining one by one their services to papa,while mama entertaining baby lorrr.. It sound interesting with the packages that they can provide..while we made a decision,we are going to buy shirt for papa..

In lift..sempat lagi take pict papa n hadif..hehe

Hadif's meet a new friend cute Irfan!

Hadif with Irfan

baby sleep!

baby terjaga sbb kesejukan..mama tak bawak blanket for you..baju papa pun jadi la..

my LOVE!

snap pict @fitting room...haha.

Finally we decided to accept the package!mama so happy..and can't wait to go for holiday..bila tu papa??  ^.^