Wednesday, 23 January 2013

ideas for hadif's first birthday

next month hadif will turns to 1 year..hubby and i decided to make a simple birthday celebration for him..inviting his friends and officemates..mama don't have friends here to invite..hihi.maybe our family can't be here because it is far for them to come..

it's all my ideas to come out with orange green-lion theme!rooooooaaaaaar!

i love fancy cake like this but it's too adorable to be eaten..haha.
 so we decided to make an order from secret recipe and just put an edible image like this..simple!

printed t-shirt with his name..i want make it as a memorable one!hopefully there is a shop here can do this for me..

need to buy ballons,ribbon,triangle flags!hunting for orange&green color..

handmade goodies bag maybe?do i have talent to make it?hahahaha..lets wait and see..

this is the only thing that we already bought,the rest not done yet..for so long i want this lion badly but it's expensive i got it online and still waiting to arrive home safely..
hopefully this one is useful to help hadif learn to have one month baby before your first birthday!go baby go! 

mama so excited to do it!may it done smoothly and bless-fully...

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

birthday theme

pejam celik...pejam rayhan hadif da berumur 10 bulan la...less than 2 months nak setahun da...cepatnya la hai anak mama membesar...tiba-tiba terpikir pasal birthday nya kalau dapat wat cmni kan?siap ada tema lagi...

tapi mesti ongkos nya pun banyak...ish...ish...membazir2...tapi nak!!!hahahha...emmmm mungkin kena wat simple sket kot...datang lah...datang lah idea kepadaku...hehe.can't wait nak celebrate birthday for baby rayhan hadif! =)

happy 2nd anniversary

2.1.2013 is our 2nd wedding anniversary..tahun ni da ada baby sorang...i'm so happy with my life and my baby..alhamdulillah..thank you Allah for all rezeki and happiness to us..

this year just celebrate it at Full hubby make a reservation n order a cake too..petang tu konon pergi sendirik n baby hadif teman sebab nak wat mama dpt rase semua tu..haha.

ni dia happy baby in the house!
full house ni seriously cantik and romantik food tak bape ummmphh..anyway i'm soo happy with all the surprises and effort you were done..tq syg..